Today, to be a great company, we have to be a Good Corporate Citizen. Through our efforts to drive sustainable economic growth and thoughtful actions to bring positive changes, Penfabric is well on her way to be a great sustainable company!

What then is sustainability? Sustainability is a balancing act where business decisions take into account the three bottom lines:

  1. People: Contribution to society in compliance with legal, ethical and social obligations.
  2. Planet: Zero environmental impact - renewable energy and no carbon footprints.
  3. Profit: Focus on business efficiency, productivity and reasonable profits as value creation is the raison d’être of any business entity.

Continuing to innovate with high-quality, safe products that meet our customers’ needs whilst at the same time reducing our environmental impact and adding social value is a challenging task. At Penfabric, we have taken important steps towards becoming more efficient and sustainable with focus on:

  1. Implement continuous energy conservation measures
  2. Eliminate wastage completely
  3. Practise 5R meticulously. 5R=Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Replace and RETHINK
  4. Create a paperless environment. Go digital fully
  5. Produce and promote environmental friendly products
  6. Buy only from like-minded environmentally and socially compliant companies
  7. Improve job efficiency and effectiveness, and
  8. In recognition of Penfabric’s Green & Sustainable efforts, Penfabric has been certified and awarded “Made in Green by OEKO-TEX®”.
  9. Finally, practise all the above by each Penfabrican without exception.

In all businesses today, being environmental friendly is just the prerequisite. To survive and thrive under the present watchful eyes of consumers throughout the world, we need to ride the Green Wave, a four-stage evolution from being environmentally hostile or disinterested to being environmental advocate and partisan:

  1. Eco-resistance: The case of being hostile towards environmental regulations and the sciences behind climate change.
  2. Eco-compliance: Face the reality of the case in accepting regulations and a commitment to meet legal requirements.
  3. Eco-efficiency: Strive to lower costs by cutting energy consumption and eliminate wastes.
  4. Eco-Advantage: Strive to innovate and deliver processes, products and services that solve consumer environmental concerns.

Penfabric is at stage 3 of the Green Wave, being Eco-efficient as we strive to reduce impact to the environment and reduce cost, eliminate wastes while in pursuit of our daily business. Poised at the threshold of stage 4 of the hierarchy, Penfabric is creating opportunities and pursuing Eco-Advantage by way of :

Penfabric is creating opportunities and pursuing Eco-Advantage by way of :

Mitigating Risks

Identify and take steps to reduce environmental and regulatory risks, not only in our own operations but across the entire supply chain, so as to reduce liabilities, minimize cost and increase speed to market.

Cutting Costs

Cut down all operational costs and improve efficiency by reducing environmental expenses, including scrap, waste, disposal fees, regulatory paperwork and energy costs.

Driving Revenue

Grow our revenue by designing and marketing environmentally superior products that exceed our customers’ needs, improve productivity and reduce pollution

Building Intangible Value

Create intangible value by connecting with customers on an emotional level through environmental stewardship, thereby enhancing corporate brand, and attracting and retaining the best employees.