“Think Green, Buy Green, Stay Green”

Penfabric United : Forging Ahead
One Body, One Mind, One Direction


For society To establish ties and develop mutual trust as a responsible corporate citizen


  • Toray Group Stakeholder Dialogue Aims
  • Communications with Customers
  • Communications with Stockholders and Investors
  • Communications with Business Partners
  • Communications with Employees
  • Communications with Local Communities
  • Communications with NPOs
  • Communications with Citizens
  • Communications with the Media

In support for a greener cleaner Penang, Penfabric not only prove itself being environmentally friendly despite main production in textile. But also support PGC's vision of Penang as a Green State by adopting the Green Office Concept through Education & Implementation of Green Initiatives in the office.

By this, our office has adopted sustainability principles - aimed at helping company save energy, money & the environment!