Chairman's Message

Message from the Chairman

Welcome to our PENFABRIC’s website.

Penfabric in Malaysia is a world class textile manufacturer that specializes in fabric materials of polyester cotton blended, pure cotton and other fibers, for purposes of shirting, blouses, workwear, sportswear, casual wear and other non-apparel use.

We treat our customers and vendors with respect, and as valued partners in our endeavors for ever betterment of our products and services. Penfabric is a people oriented organization, believing in long term nurturing and development of our associates. We treat each Penfabrican with due respect and nurture them to grow together with the company. Continuous training by way of OJT (on-the-job training) and Off-JT (off-the-job training) both locally as well as overseas are provided to enhance their technical, leadership and managerial skills. Overall, the career path at Penfabric is well structured where associates are provided with the challenges and opportunities to grow into more senior positions.

At the same time, Penfabric uses the latest management techniques and information system enhanced by real time monitoring. This enables Penfabric to respond to rapid market changes promptly with informed decision making. We are relentless in our ongoing pursuit of quality, efficiency, productivity and innovation throughout our operation. Cohesive teamwork and best practices are the cornerstones of our success.

For sustainable long term growth of the company, Penfabric subscribes to the latest and most advanced Green technology to reduce our carbon foot prints. Through R&D cooperation with chemical and engineering companies, we are able to leverage on cutting edge technology and innovation. In addition, Penfabric also taps into the R&D efforts at University Science Malaysia by supporting and working jointly various research projects in chemicals and processes.

As a good corporate citizen, Penfabric also actively contributes to the local community in which it operates, particularly in the promotion of science and education.